It's LIVE! 'Notes on Uncommon Love: A Poetry Collection' is now out!

Available as a cute paperback and Kindle!

It launched a few days ago, and then I found myself very busy swishing between my new day job, hanging out with my in-laws, buying the new Tool album in the next district over from where I live, and battling tiredness as a result. But it’s out! I’m waiting for my newer, updated, paperback copy to arrive and then I can film a little informational video on it and Enter the Circle. I’ve also set up my Author Page on Amazon where you can (and will be able) to see all of my current and coming titles.

It’s so strange to think of myself as a writer and how if my co-author hadn’t prompted me to work with him, I’d still be living in my little world writing but being too afraid to put anything out there into the world. I feel wonderful knowing I’ve worked on small art and now friends, fans and total strangers will be able to take a slice of what I’ve created in order to delve into my mind. It gives me intense goose bumps!

I’ll get back to my writing now… x

Apologies for the Delay of my Poetry Collection!

I’ve now got the confirmation that my book is now available, yet it’s not, if that makes sense. My collection is searchable (click here) and my author page is now up and running on Amazon too (here), but so far no one can put my collection in their carts. It should be available for purchase soon enough. Otherwise if you would prefer the Kindle version that one is now LIVE

I’ll keep everyone updated via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Apologies for the delay... I can definitely say I’ve learned a lot from this process next time, when I’m ready, I’m clicking the publish button regardless! 


Covers, Covers, Covers! - Notes on Uncommon Love Update

Well, 1 cover. 

I’m quite some ways ahead of my schedule in one area - the publication of my poetry collection - but a tad behind on my urban fantasy series’s. Either way, I’m making big strides on both main projects right now. 

This poetry collection has been a long time coming, and I’m enjoying the second draft process immensely. I’ve been trying to get this minuscule project published since 2015! I remember the promise to myself like it was yesterday! “Get it done as a reward for your dissertation!”

Of course, my dissertation was finalised the following year, but it was a the process that put into perspective that deadlines and creativity were my forte, even if the topic I chose so many years ago, would put anyone to sleep. I was proud of what I had written, how long it was, and how much poetry was the very thing that balanced out the stress I was accumulating.

Anyway, having collected and organised my selection of poems to feature, I swiftly moved onto the cover design. I’m no graphic designer, but I knew I wanted a simple cover for this poetry collection. Something unassuming but smooth enough to blend into any shelf. So, I got to designing and set up a small poll after my original choice of five covers was reduced to three:

Final 3 designs

Final 3 designs

The simpler designs caught my eye, and that of some of my closest friends. The poll ran for 12 hours only but almost everyone who voted both on twitter and Instagram voted for cover A.

A photo of a dying tree by me

A photo of a dying tree by me

Like I said, I wanted a fresh and simple design and remembered I had taken several nature pictures for my Writing Journal around my birthday. This bleak looking tree against a bold blue background was just the ticket to add flare to the cover, and the overall meaning of the collected works about the bleakness of love and the ultimate perseverance of it too.

I’m not sure what it was about the tree but I agreed with many of the voters! Now I have my cover, I just need to focus on a bit more editing, moving onto formatting, marketing and then publishing. I don’t have an end date in mind yet, but I know it’ll be very soon!

I can’t believe it, a second book, my first line title. ♥️

Thank you for reading! Which cover took your eye?

So… I Made a Channel Trailer

First of all, I apologise! It’s an awful first attempt at a super quick channel trailer. I can edit a whole lot better, but I shipped most of the things I wanted for the trailer off to Toronto this morning! So, again, I’m sorry for all the cringe.

It’s a little something, something for my channel that I’m slowly building up. It’s also fantastic being back on YouTube. For those who don’t know, this year would mark my ten year anniversary if I kept my main channel going - I had to quit due to intense stalking. One thing I have enjoyed is growing my numbers organically, and making friends with strangers I hadn’t met yet (obviously this time around that won’t happen so much), so we shall see how it all unfolds! Enjoy!

SBD, xoxo

New Video! My First Book Review for my AuthorTube

Let me know what you thought, and please purchase a copy of the short story collection. I’m so proud to have bought and read a copy. It’s such a great collection of stories that leaves you wanting to know more, much more. With the added beautiful texts, the stunning imagery Sisamis has described, and the essence in how immortality is explored is mouth-wateringly stunning. Check both out! 


Thank you!

My BookTube is Also Live!

I have also set up a YouTube channel for this journey too, to record various experiences I will learn about writing and publishing. I’ll also discuss books and poems I will come across, as well as performing my own awful poetry. Join me, help me, enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to watch and follow along. More coming very soon so watch this space!

Sylvia B. Davidson


I have finally set up my website! I have set up other social media accounts, so be sure to check the links at the bottom of the site to follow me and say hello.

The site is kind of basic at the moment as I’m still trying to get to grips with it all, and I’m also spending most of my creative time writing my novels, poetry and working on my next lone essay collection, Uncommon Love. I’m not yet 100% sure what I’ll present and how often, but anything major will be hosted here and on my YouTube channel, though I know I’ll be sharing my writing journey and the various processes I’ve discovered and learned about self and traditional publishing where possible.

This is just a short post, but thank you so much for checking the site out! If you have any suggestions do not hesitate to let me know! I’m also far more active on Twitter!

Twitter Hashtags: #WormwoodWitches #Polygon5 & #MysticMoon - which are working titles for my main three WIPs.

S. B. Davidson

Sylvia Beckett Davidson

Sylvia Beckett Davidson

July 2019 Update: I’ll have an introduction video uploaded at some point!