Welcome to my website!

My (pen) name is Sylvia Beckett Davidson and I’m a writer of essay collections, awful poet and author of a few future urban fantasy novels all set in the mythical city of Whittington. My essay collections, whilst mostly personal, will also have my poetry included until I’m ready to publish a full poetry collection.

I’m also an amateur reviewer, and most of my reviews will be hosted on my YouTube channel (link above), and an avid reader. As a writer I love to learn about other writers and their processes and celebrate in reading their works too. I’ll be sharing my process and progress toward publishing and marketing too so watch this space!

My Story

Writing is an importantly tool for me. Why? Because words are expressive, impressive and responsive. I’ve always written random pieces here and there, from journaling for myself and my mental health, to setting up an early blog in 2005 on MySpace (my god that’s going back), and slowly but surely setting my words down in something more permanent and physical. Of all the activities I had to do or try writing was always my constant, and I was in denial about that for so long.

Well, denial no more and write I must! Hopefully my works will be impactful to at least 7 people, fingers crossed!

I’m based between the U.K. and Canada, but slowly but surely moving over to Canada permanently in order to settle down once and for all. I’m working on several WIPs at the same time, and I’m on time as far as my timeline for them is concerned.

I have one dog, several bags and too many planners.


Favourite Things

Red, books & fountain pens.