Covers, Covers, Covers! - Notes on Uncommon Love Update

Well, 1 cover. 

I’m quite some ways ahead of my schedule in one area - the publication of my poetry collection - but a tad behind on my urban fantasy series’s. Either way, I’m making big strides on both main projects right now. 

This poetry collection has been a long time coming, and I’m enjoying the second draft process immensely. I’ve been trying to get this minuscule project published since 2015! I remember the promise to myself like it was yesterday! “Get it done as a reward for your dissertation!”

Of course, my dissertation was finalised the following year, but it was a the process that put into perspective that deadlines and creativity were my forte, even if the topic I chose so many years ago, would put anyone to sleep. I was proud of what I had written, how long it was, and how much poetry was the very thing that balanced out the stress I was accumulating.

Anyway, having collected and organised my selection of poems to feature, I swiftly moved onto the cover design. I’m no graphic designer, but I knew I wanted a simple cover for this poetry collection. Something unassuming but smooth enough to blend into any shelf. So, I got to designing and set up a small poll after my original choice of five covers was reduced to three:

Final 3 designs

Final 3 designs

The simpler designs caught my eye, and that of some of my closest friends. The poll ran for 12 hours only but almost everyone who voted both on twitter and Instagram voted for cover A.

A photo of a dying tree by me

A photo of a dying tree by me

Like I said, I wanted a fresh and simple design and remembered I had taken several nature pictures for my Writing Journal around my birthday. This bleak looking tree against a bold blue background was just the ticket to add flare to the cover, and the overall meaning of the collected works about the bleakness of love and the ultimate perseverance of it too.

I’m not sure what it was about the tree but I agreed with many of the voters! Now I have my cover, I just need to focus on a bit more editing, moving onto formatting, marketing and then publishing. I don’t have an end date in mind yet, but I know it’ll be very soon!

I can’t believe it, a second book, my first line title. ♥️

Thank you for reading! Which cover took your eye?