It's LIVE! 'Notes on Uncommon Love: A Poetry Collection' is now out!

Available as a cute paperback and Kindle!

It launched a few days ago, and then I found myself very busy swishing between my new day job, hanging out with my in-laws, buying the new Tool album in the next district over from where I live, and battling tiredness as a result. But it’s out! I’m waiting for my newer, updated, paperback copy to arrive and then I can film a little informational video on it and Enter the Circle. I’ve also set up my Author Page on Amazon where you can (and will be able) to see all of my current and coming titles.

It’s so strange to think of myself as a writer and how if my co-author hadn’t prompted me to work with him, I’d still be living in my little world writing but being too afraid to put anything out there into the world. I feel wonderful knowing I’ve worked on small art and now friends, fans and total strangers will be able to take a slice of what I’ve created in order to delve into my mind. It gives me intense goose bumps!

I’ll get back to my writing now… x