Enter the Circle - Sylvia Beckett Davidson & Jared Stone

A collection of personal essays discussing how alternative spirituality and the occult have played a positive role in the lives of two writers living with mental health issues. Both writers reveal deep insights into their practices, where modern psychology garners its tools and how impactful life lessons can be, once you face up to the strength you actually have rather than running from it.

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Notes on Uncommon Love

This book is currently a major WIP but it will highlight uncommon ways some people found love and they maintained it over time. One major theme of this collection will be the semi-autobiographical pieces about long distance love as a late bloomer intertwined with poetry throughout.

September 2019

Updates: Covers

Wormwood Witches (Whittington Stories #1)

Evil is about to hatch and take over this city, but Sienna and her friends will do whatever they must to hold it back, regardless of who else is sacrificed.

Sienna Wormwood is in her late 20s, a Witch by birth and quite the anti-social lady since the day her mother died in a violent and magical battle a few years previously. What she doesn’t realise is that she must overcome her mental health struggles in order to pick up the biggest responsibility in her life: a seat at the Council Table, as is her birthright.

Due Summer 2020

Note: No cover yet as I’m still writing the book, so enjoy the mock-up for now!