My Husband is Pedantic pt. 1

I’ve been working on a small collection of essays surrounding the few highs and many, many pitfalls of dating over the last few years (Notes on Uncommon Love). I’m also quite the late bloomer, which is a topic that’ll be covered in great detail, but through it all I’ve come out the other side with a first long-term and serious relationship. While I am happily engaged to the love of my life, I feel inspired each day when I’m either talking with him, or generally thinking about our budding future together. More than anything, I love who I have become over the last 5 years, what I’ve learned and how aware of my excitement for a long future with him that I am.

‘My Husband is Pedantic’ is so far a series of five poems (it will hopefully stop at seven as I’m working on the last two, but who knows!) about the mundane but mighty things he likes and loves about me. The very things others have tried to pull apart, to ruin and destroy, to hide. All the things about me, the things that make me who I am, good and bad. He takes them and praises them because without them he wouldn’t love me for what I have, do or think. These poems are merely passionate prayers from the heart, to be read in almost free or blank verse style. There is a little bit of rhythm, but like our relationship, it’s very untraditional. Enjoy the first part - I really want to call it a movement, like with classical movements of the same masterpiece.